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Karen Sokolof Javitch

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Songs from

"Princess Diana The Musical"

Tip Sheet

Producers & Reporters:

For your convenience, below is a list of suggested questions to ask Karen

about her productions during your interview

- What made you want to create "Princess Diana The Musical?"

- How did you come up with the song choices?

- What was it like to work with Chuck Penington of Mannheim Steamroller?

- How did you find the performers?

- What was it like to finally see your production being performed live on stage for the first time?

- What has the reaction been like among Princess Diana fans?

- Tell us about some of the other musicals you've created

- What's next?

Selections from some of Karen's other productions can be heard on her radio network, KSJ Radio

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For more information, please call 402-850-7177

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